Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 22.16.14The African Sewing Club was launched in  2015 and its mission is to raise money, which will help women in Rwanda to make money. We are starting with a commitment to help fifty two women, though training, medical assistance and a community to help regain control and dignity over their lives. We know from Rwandan culture that those women may go on to help many others, without charity and breaking the chain of assistance. Rwanda is now one of the fasted growing and more stable economies in Africa and Rwandan women make up nearly half of business owners and entrepreneurs in the county.

We are attempting to assist and break some of the effects of the traditional model of charity dependency. For example independence through training and a job. The women will not be taking out a loan, there is nothing to pay back, and the African Sewing Club will encourage them to ‘pay forward’ into their own community.


Our first goal is to raise money through donation and get the first stage of project moving though pledges of assistance. Our second goal is the training education and regaining of self-sufficiency for the fifty two women in  the African Sewing Club. We are launching a range of clothing and accessories, which will be made by the women, and each garment sold will not only raise money but also create a job, a home and a future for the group.